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The investment is located near the foot of the Karkonosze Mountains in the centre of the Health Resort in Cieplice Śląskie Zdrój (German: Bad Warmbrunn). It is known, among other things, thanks to therapeutic thermal waters that reach the highest temperature in Poland – even up to 90 °C. They are used in the treatment of orthopaedic and trauma diseases, the nervous system, rheumatologic diseases, osteoporosis, kidneys and urinary tract, eyes and adnexa (the only place in the country where you can treat eye disorders with the use of balneology).

The spa complex consists of the following facilities: 4 spa hospitals, 6 sanatoriums, 2 natural healing facilities (Zakład Przyrodoleczniczy), a spa clinic.

The legend has it that the local springs were discovered in 1175 by Duke Boleslaw the Tall of Silesia, a descendant of Bolesław Krzywousty, while he was hunting. In the year 1281 Cieplice (back then Calidus Fons or hot springs) were donated as a gift to the Knights Hospitaller of Strzegom by the then Duke. From the XIV century until 1945 they were owned by an aristocratic Schaffgotsch family. For centuries the spa infrastructure has been continuously developed. In 1935 Cieplice became a city and in 1976 it was included in Jelenia Góra. To this day it has had the status of a spa.

Cieplice Resort is located in the Valley of Palaces and Gardens (Dolina Pałaców i Ogrodów). Near the building there are: a beautiful Spa Park with the area of 16.32 Ha, a baroque style Schaffgotsch Palace with early classicist elements and Cieplice Thermal Springs. According to the National Heritage Institute there are as many as 35 historic monuments here.

This Lower Silesian resort also provides a rich cultural life – various events, concerts, theatre performances, parades, exhibitions, festivals.

A short distance away from Cieplice there are mountain cities such as: Karpacz – 17 km away, Szklarska Poreba – 19 km away which are famous for, among others, ski slopes, cross-country tracks or cycling trails (Jakuszyce).

Other important distances:

  • Wroclaw Airport – 105 km,
  • Dresden Airport – 167 km,
  • Prague Airport – 169 km,
  • Polish - Czech boarder – 27 km,
  • Polish - German border – 65 km.

Near the building there are: a primary school, a crèche, shopping and fitness centres as also public transport.
Anyone who appreciates comfort, peace and quiet, beauty, safety and recreation will find it a perfect place for themselves.