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The facility built in Cieplice is the only apartment building in Poland with its own heating and domestic hot water system (ground source heat pump connected to the underfloor heating and solar collectors).

nowoczesne apartamenty  

It is a four-storey building. In the basement there is a garage for 8 parking spaces accessed from the staircase and the elevator.

The building has been designed to offer 8 apartments. On the 2nd floor there are 2 duplex apartments with roomy attics and exits to spacious roof terracesEach apartment has its own terrace and/or balcony.

The ground floor apartments have an exit from the terrace onto the ground level to the adjacent garden. New apartments no. 1, 2, 4 and 5 have winter gardens built in on terraces, with underfloor heating.

6 out of 8 flats for sale (no. 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8) can have the fire place or the pellet stove installed.


Architectural and construction solutions

  • Foundations
    poured reinforced concrete foundation slab on damp proof sheets laid on concrete base
  • Foundation walls and basement walls
    all external and internal walls of the basement – poured reinforced concrete
  • Bearing external and internal walls of the remaining storeys
    garage bearing walls – poured reinforced concrete, 20 – 24 cm thick
    over-ground part walls – 24 cm thick silicate blocks, adhesive mortar to make thin joints
    partition walls – 24 cm thick silicate blocks
  • Ceilings
    ceilings between the floors designed as prefabricated concrete FILIGRAN type.
  • Roof structure
    rafter framing coniferous timber rafter class C30, wooden elements impregnated with a fireproof preparation
  • Roofing
    ceramic tile in the shades of dark graphite
  • Façades
    plinth walls and massive walls cladded with façade panels
    15 cm thick mineral wool in blocks laid closely between steel supporting substructure. External walls – insulated with glued polystyrene foam and warmed with light wet method – thin layered acrylic plaster 1.5 mm thick, on a surface primed with light-wet method with colour coating
  • Windows and doors
    Balcony windows and doors – PVC in gray colour (from the outside) to match the colour of the façade, inside in white. Triple glazed glass unit.
    Entrance door to the building – aluminium with a thermal separator filled with a composite safety glass unit.
    Entrance door to apartments – with increased acoustic resistance, fire resistant EI30.
  • Window sills and ledges
    Window ledges – coated steel sheet ledges in the colour matching the colour of the building
    Window sills – matching the colour of the woodwork.


Interior finish of the building

  • Internal plasters
    walls plastered with gypsum, machine plaster
    bathroom walls cement-lime plaster
    ceilings plastered with gypsum plaster or plasterboard ceilings
  • Floors
    concrete underlayment
  • Sanitary installations
    The building will be heated using heat from the ground – heat pump with the capacity of 64.6 kW integrated with underfloor heating. The power of the device was selected on the basis of the „Geological works project for the execution of process holes in order to use the Earth’s heat”. Solar collectors will be installed to support heating of domestic hot water
  • Electrical installations
    video phone installation
    telephone and Internet installation,
    developer’s standard of the installations inside the apartments.
  • Land development
    The plot provides 10 outdoor parking spaces for passenger cars and 8 parking spaces in the underground garage.
    The access to the plot and the refuse area is planned to be from the Cieplicka street. The part of the plot which is going to be undeveloped with buildings, roads and parking spaces is going to be planted with trees and used for recreation. Privacy, safety and intimacy will be guarded by the 2m high gabion stone-filled fence combined with wood.
  • General contractor: Vitruvion general contractor